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Current work in progress

"She flies with her own wings"


White coat with quilts.


I have been working with items that for me, represent security and reassurance for some time now.

Small comforts.

These can be handmade buttons, of which there is a large collection, but also included are labels, blankets and quilts, often with messages, the idea originally coming from children’s comfort items, of fabrics and blankets, items which are soft, weighty warm and reassuring, having a certain familiar feel or smell, but here they are smaller that really necessary, hence they can be of small comfort.

The often-quilted nature of them also gives in some cases a feel of medical absorbance, suggestive of swabs, plasters and bandages.

The coat is largely about identity, about finding out who I am, and indeed who I was before the onset of my current mental health issues

The plain, light-coloured material of the White coat is a nod to the work that I have done myself, to ease my issues and understand them more fully, while I wait for the professionals. I am my own therapist most of the time.

The quilted pieces that cover the surface provide a reassuring comfort and weight to the coat when it is worn.

 The items drawn and the words are all thing that hold a certain memory or interest. They are personal to me and may well appear an eclectic mix to others. They might be items from my many collections or phrases that play on my mind, sometimes giving a voice to my feelings or providing reassurance in times of need.

The fabrics used are repurposed and represent resourcefulness and new beginnings. I often run on instinct and gut feeling. I use what I have to keep myself stable whilst I wait on a seemingly endless list.

The materials are soft and worn, the colours muted to avoid snagging my senses.

The coat has been designed almost inside out, the outside of lining material and the main colour on the inside, semi concealed, but a reminder that the old me is not lost and will hopefully become more evident over time.


"Sweeten the bitter, season the plain."


  "In the rifted rock I'm resting."

""Count your many blessings"

"Balance in all things."

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